Directors Message

Mr Dave Bains

Born and Obtained education in India. My father and family were farmers. I was involved in the family farms, where i was sent out to sell our vegetables and grains to various merchants and also from door to door. In 1993, my parents were offered a chance to move to Canada, to which My father made a move, giving my uncles the charge of family farms. In Canada, it was a different world together. I did various odd jobs, anything to survive a living, from 1993-1994. When there was no steady job. I decided to obtain class 1 license, and in July 1994 I became a truck driver. Drove a truck for a company for six months, then bought my own truck and became an owner operator. During that period i was very eager to learn this industry in depth. Here I learnt how important it was to service the customers, costs, attitude, and especially maintain a good customer relationship. So in 1998 I had made my mind to start my own trucking company and started paying more and more attention to the produce industry, interacting with the shippers and receivers. Picking up positives and negatives from this industry. In 1999, I started Royal City Trucking Limited with One truck and me driving. Dispatched as i drove. Kept on learning and up to today am still learning as changes occur. Today Royal City Trucking has a fleet of 25 tractors and 30 trailers which are all 2012 models plus. Myself and my Royal City Team have a positive attitude and customer satisfaction is mine and my teams main Motto.


  • Professional Service
  • Customer Needs First
  • On-Time Deliveries
  • Good-Relationships
  • Driver Professionalism
  • Customer Goods Care Responsilbility

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